OT - MailScanner to deliver email copies to two downstream ma chines.

Ken Goods kgoods at cropusainsurance.com
Wed Apr 16 04:14:58 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> Ken Goods wrote:
>> This is what I did:
>> In MailScanner.conf
>> Archive Mail = %rules-dir%/archive.rules
>> In archive.rules
>> To:	me at originaldomain.com deliver forward me at test.originaldomain.com
>> To:	boss at originaldomain.com deliver forward
>> boss at test.originaldomain.com Default:	no 
> You meant "FromOrTo: default" for the last line. As you want it to not
> archive to anywhere, you give the same response you would give for
> "Archive Mail =", which is just an empty string. So don't say "no",
> say a blank or empty string. Saying "no" is the equivalent of a line
> in MailScanner.conf that said "Archive Mail = no" which is clearly not
> sensible.

Thanks Jules, but as soon as I restarted MailScanner it let me know that
there was an error in line three of archive.rules and that got me squared
away. So you already anticipated this one and answered it through your
wonderful software! :) 

>> (with tabs between each...couldn't remember if it would take spaces
>> or required tabs) 
> The only time tabs are required are in the filename.rules.conf and
> filetype.rules.conf files. If I didn't insist on tabs there, you
> wouldn't be able to match expressions (or "file" command output) that
> had any spaces in them, and you wouldn't be able to have log output
> and user response strings with any spaces in them. So I have to
> insist on tabs there, but nowhere else.
That should help me remember where one can and can't use spaces. It all
makes sense now so I won't have to ask again... hopefully. :)

BTW Julian, I can't tell you how much I appreciate MailScanner and all the
hard work you've put into it and the work you continue to put into it. It's
an amazing piece of software. We only have about 150 mailboxes and only
process about 8,000 emails a day (I block several countries at the firewall
and use two RBLs in Sendmail), but we do this on a lowly PII 450MHZ with
256MB of ram! Up until last June we were using a P100 with 256MB. It just
cooks along processing at about 10 seconds per email all the while not
letting one virus through and eliminating 99% of the spam making it to the
box. I understand it would run better on more muscle but I'm just letting
you know that the work you've put into the performance-tuning options has
not been in vain. Every time it looked like I was going to have to upgrade
the server I found another tweak that allowed us to process more mail on the
same hardware. I'll be moving MailScanner to a dual 2.4 GHZ w/2GB as soon as
I get this Zimbra server set up, speaking of that and getting back to the
original OT-topic :), mails for the two accounts are showing upon both
servers thanks to your "Archive Mail" option.

A thousand thanks to you!

Take care and be well.

> Jules
> Julian Field MEng CITP CEng
> www.MailScanner.info
> Buy the MailScanner book at www.MailScanner.info/store

Ken Goods
Network Administrator
CropUSA Insurance, Inc.

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