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Tue Apr 15 21:11:55 IST 2008

on 4-15-2008 11:14 AM Kevin Miller spake the following:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> Dave Jones wrote:
>>> Version 4.68 solved the problem.  The image is being displayed
>>> properly. 
>>> Now, the next issue.  I need to find a way to only attach it once on
>>> the initial outbound email.  My testing shows that it is attaching it
>>> multiple times so replies back and forth are growing and growing in
>>> size which is not good.  I will research how to prevent multiple
>>> attachments.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.
>> It will do that. Any ideas are most welcome, I couldn't immediately
>> think of a good solution. After all, how do you know that
>> <signature.jpg> is *your* signature.jpg and not someone else's? If I
>> was setting it up for a lot of people, I would always use the same
>> filename in the HTML to make it easier to configure for different
>> people. 
>> The only thing I could think of is to walk the entire MIME tree
>> looking for images, and check their size (and even contents?) against
>> the signature image you're trying to add. If you find it, try to
>> point the signature at it. But what do you then do, start editing the
>> HTML signature automatically? Eek :-(
>> Lightweight solutions are most welcome. In the mean time the 0.01%
>> (approx) of internet traffic that is email will have to be slightly
>> more than it might be otherwise. It's a way to go before it reaches
>> the amount of Bit-Torrent traffic :-)
>> Jules
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> Perhaps one way to at least partially accomplish that would be to insure
> that the signature is preceeded by "-- ".  Most decent mail clients trim
> off anything that follows as I'm sure you know.
> As you can see however, I (sadly) am using an abismal piece of junk for
> a client (Outlook 2003) which is apparently braindead in that it didn't
> strip out any of the signatures.  But in general it might help strip out
> signatures for a good portion of the population.  I'm presuming that
> html email behaves in a similar fashion regarding trimming anythinng
> after the signature delimiter.
> Just a thought...
> ...Kevin
And as you can see, Thunderbird doesn't remove them after they have been 
quoted, as the "-- " has to be on a line by itself for most MUA's to strip the 

I usually just edit out the extra stuff when I remember, or when I am NOT 
showing an example.  ;-)

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