Exclude certain IP addresses from scanning.

Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at utwente.nl
Tue Apr 15 12:11:50 IST 2008

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Glenn Steen wrote on 11-4-2008 17:49:

>>  I am trying to set up a rule that will make MS scan all messages to and
>>  from a number of domains, except when they come in from a certain system.
>>  In fact something like this:
>>  FromTo: *@utwente.nl    AND     From:        no
>>  FromTo: *@utwente.nl                                    yes
> FromOrTo:, not FromTo:
> ...:-)
>>  And those lines are needed for each domain/IP combination.
>>  Putting those IP addresses in a separate From: line does not seem to
>>  work because MS uses the FromTo: line with the domain. No matter if I
>>  put the IP-line first or last.
>>  BTW: default is no.
> Strange. How do you edit it?

vim. :)

I did some more testing but the end result seems to be: In MS the rules
for the domain take precedence over rules for IP addresses.

I might have looked at the source myself (if it is only 200 lines...)
but I had to rearrange a data center last weekend. Twelve hours of heavy
lifting of servers and cabinets on Saturday and 10 hours of heavy
lifting of servers and rearranging patch cables on Sunday.

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