OT - MailScanner to deliver email copies to two downstream machines.

Andrei Caraman adc at dc-uoit.net
Mon Apr 14 23:01:07 IST 2008

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 01:58:37PM -0700, Ken Goods wrote:

> I'm currently evaluating replacing our Exchange server (5.5) with Zimbra.
> Have the Zimbra server set up and ready to go and have imported a couple
> accounts using the same domain on the Zimbra server as the existing domain
> on the Exchange server. Right now my MX records point to my MailScanner box
> which relays to the Exchange server. What I would like to do for these two
> accounts is to also send a duplicate copy of all emails to the Zimbra
> server. They would of course have to be routed via the ip addresses of the
> servers since DNS records for the internal servers would complicate things. 

This is just an ideea, I haven't tried it:

Assuming your domain is example.net, use 

"Non Spam Actions = deliver forward user at duplicates.example.net" 

which will send all messages to a single mailbox (user).  Now the new 4.69.3
beta has this new feature:

	- New keywords available in "Spam Actions" (and its relations) and
	"Archive Mail" in MailScanner.conf. These let you put _FROMUSER_,
	_FROMDOMAIN_, _TOUSER_, _TODOMAIN_ and _DATE_ in the "forward" email
	address in "Spam Actions" and in the archive location and forwarding
	addresses in "Archive Mail". This lets you build all sorts of fancy
	systems that use procmail to deliver messages directly into spam
	databases and mail archives that are sorted by recipient address, and
	clever things like that.

so you could in fact use

"Non Spam Actions = deliver forward _TOUSER_ at duplicates.example.net"

By now you only need to make sure duplicates.example.net mail is sent to
your zimbra box. Assuming zimbra is at, with sendmail, you could
put in mailertable a line like

duplicates.example.net		esmtp:[]

> Is this something that MailScanner can do or would I be better off handling
> it with Sendmail or another tool? And if so, could anyone point me in the
> right direction? I've been Googling all morning and can't seem to hit on the
> right search terms to accomplish this task.

I think this would work, but I need to stress again I have NOT tested it.  I
haven't even installed the new beta.  

Of course, I may be dead wrong, in which case I expect someone smarter than
me to put things right :))

Good luck,

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