Request: Disable update.bad.phishing.sites job when phishing checks are disabled

Gary Pentland gary at
Thu Apr 10 16:08:34 IST 2008


If I have offended you, that was not my intention and I would like to apologise.

It is my opinion that the default MailScanner install is good for those that don't know better, if you do know better than you can, if you choose to, improve on it.  In this case it was a trivial change that not many people are going to be requiring, whilst Julian and the community at large welcomes requests and suggestions he simply can't code them all!

Julian, what are you on now?  About 12,000 hours of effort in MailScanner or there abouts?  I know it was a while ago when we talking about you having broken the 10,000 hours barrier...

Anyway for the simpler changes, if you have the skills, help him out.  That way he can concentrate on the stuff no-one else can work out how to code:-)  That is what I meant by the beauty of open source code, its not roll-your-own for every fix or issue but a collaboration where you take on improvements that you do have the skills for and get improvements from others that you don't have the skills for.



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