Request: Disable update.bad.phishing.sites job when phishing checks are disabled

Randal, Phil prandal at
Thu Apr 10 15:20:58 IST 2008

Jules wrote: 

> If they were changed to only update if, for example, "Spam Assassin =
yes" was set, it would
> have to be checked a lot more frequently as otherwise your
SpamAssassin would be horribly out
> of date for the first day you tried to use it, which
> a) would create a really bad impression of its abilities just when you
need it to work
> properly as you are setting it up,
>    and
> b) would cause a lot more overhead on your server as these cronjobs
would need to run at
> least every hour, instead of once every day.


There's a plan to not bundle ANY rules with SA 3.3.0, so an sa-update on
install we become mandatory.


Phil Randal
Network Engineer
Herefordshire Council

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