mailscanner install... mailtools requires perl 5.8 still?

Bob Jones bob.jones at
Thu Apr 10 02:27:15 IST 2008

Hey all,

	I have a user I'm supporting running Solaris 9.  He's trying to install 
version 4.68.8 and the installer is running into the error of mailtools 
requiring perl 5.8 and Solaris 9 only comes with 5.6.  (I know the 
previous has probably all been covered before... sorry.)

	I found some discussion in the archives about the above fact in the 
"MailScanner --lint doesn't check Eicar virus - OK here!" thread, but 
never came across any final solution as to what to do about this problem 
for Solaris.  Did a solution other than "find some way to use perl 5.8" 
ever present itself?

Thanks for your help,

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