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Julian Field MailScanner at
Wed Apr 9 20:01:02 IST 2008

George wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to MailScanner so please excuse me if this is a stupid help request.
> I have CentOS 5 with the latest MailScanner, the latest ClamAV, the
> latest SpamAssassin, the latest Postfix and the latest MailWatch.
> I set everything up using the docs from
> I set up the SARE spamassassin rules.
> The issue is that all messages that are scanned by MS/SA get a 0 spam score.
> The SA lint show that all the rules/filters are parsed but in the end
> the spam score is almost always 0
spamassassin -t < sample-spam.txt
will take the sample-spam.txt (shipped as part of the SpamAssassin 
distribution) and process it through your SpamAssassin setup and print a 
report on the end of it that shows what rules it hits and what its score 
is. Do that, and see what it says; do come back and tell us what it says.

If it says 0 then you've got a SpamAssassin problem and really need to 
ask on the SpamAssassin list.

If it gets 1000 points, then SpamAssassin is basically working, and the 
problem lies elsewhere. If so, then tell us what settings in 
MailScanner.conf you changed ("MailScanner --changed" will help you there).

To start with, you don't actually need to change any settings in that 
file at all, except for the ones the "Installing MailScanner with 
Postfix" told you to. So I hope you didn't go through it randomly 
changing stuff :-)


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