New server request

DAve dave.list at
Tue Apr 8 21:54:10 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> --[ UxBoD ]-- wrote:
>> Remove all checking ? ;) 5 mins for something that does not have a 
>> guaranteed (RFC) delivery time anyway is damn good!  Yes you could put 
>> in a SAN/iSCSI but as already been said make sure loads of cache.  Why 
>> not put the OS etc on SSDs ? Man, you could keep going all day and 
>> spend loads of dosh, but what great fun :D
>> I would run numerous tests throughout different loads on the system to 
>> truly ascertain where the issue is.
> Definitely. Work out exactly where to target the money. And in my view 
> you'll get better value from 2 half-price servers than 1 very expensive 
> one.
> Jules

Yep, but they seems to like hardware solutions, so I like giving them 
hardware solutions ;^)

In reality we are in good shape, we are processing at the same speed now 
as before, but at a higher load. My inclination is to test more but I 
don't want to turn off MailScanner to run in debug. So I need to get a 
schedule to upgrade to Julian's new version to I can actually run a 
debug child on a test queue during peak load.

I am suspicious that the high load is SA, but I don't think there is 
much I can do tuning wise that has not already been done. I will make 
some changes to the disks/kernel/etc in the next few evenings and see 
where I end up.

Still gonna turn in a quote for hot rod servers though. The current ones 
would make excellent web mirrors ;^)


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