SA/MS Installer dependencies

Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Apr 8 13:51:09 IST 2008

Alex Broens wrote:
> Jules,
> - Seems SA dependencies are added by the MS installer.
> why?
> This breaks possible SA updates and forces the admin into setup 
> methods which *could* cause isssues in the future
> The one more noticeably missing are
> REQUIRED module missing: HTML::Parser
This is in both packages, as both of them need it.
> optional module missing: LWP::UserAgent (for sa-update)
> optional module missing: HTTP::Date (for sa-update)
> I came across this when I wanted to update an older MailScanner box 
> with  the latest SA/Clam installer.
> Could you please keep SA's dependencies in SA's installer and not in MS's
What are you saying do you think is wrong? HTML::Parser is the only 
important one here, and is in both the MailScanner and ClamAV+SA 
distributions as both of them need it.


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