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>  > Sorry all, for the top post... a bit too tipsy to really
>   > safely (snip)
>   > with even a virtual scissor...:-)
>   >
>   > That all _looks_ mostly OK... So, plan B... You've never used another
>   > system to edit the MailScanner.conf or rules file? Like crappy
>   > windoze? If so, there might be "non-printable" characters on the end
>   > of the line (like a spurious <CR>)... Then again, I thought
>   > the --lint
>   > would catch that... Oh well.
>   >
>   > Cheers
>   > -- Glenn
> Hey, Glenn, 99.9% of the time I edit all my *nix files with a windows only
>  program.
Haha, don't you pretend you don't know what I mean....:-)

> Boxer text editor. Been using it since it was a little dos pup.
>  It's a really nice editor geared primarily towards programming and it
>  handles DOS, Unix and MAC files as it sees them and I have the default save
>  mode set to unix. Since I haven't the luxury of choosing my primary desktop
>  OS I find boxer invaluable as all my servers (except 3 vendor managed
>  specialty servers) are Linux boxes and with it's built in ftp open/save and
>  projects I can't imagine living without it.
On the Windoze box sitting on my desktop (no, I don't get to choose
that one... It is compensated by being flanked by 7 linux/unix boxes,
with more just a PuTTY/VNC away...) I of course have both Vim and
Emacs. Wouldn't survive without them!
As usual when it comes to editors... it is what you're used/whatever
works for you ... that matters:-).
And as said, you know full well that some will use the useless Notepad
or similar idiotic app... that will insert gratuitous malformed line

>  BTW: You have given me a great idea, instead of worrying about running out
>  of my Oxicotin, Percocet and vicodon I should just grab a bottle of Jack or
>  151 and I bet I can keep the pain down all weekend long without a single
>  pill! ;->)
(snip... Yeah, sober now)
Watch it... We're going to get in trouble with Hugo now....:-).

-- Glenn
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