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Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Apr 4 22:45:15 IST 2008

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Julian Field wrote on Wed, 02 Apr 2008 16:45:54 +0100:
>>>>  but perhaps a feature request could be a
>>>> CLI switch to specify the message ID so MS only scans the particular
>>>> message(s) that you're interested in observing.
>>> Good idea. I'll take a look. Would a single ID do?
>> All done. It will be in the next release.
> Ahm, Julian, now that I have used the MS debugging feature a few times I 
> think being able to grab a single ID may be nice, but not really helpful 
> for a production machine. I have to disable at least MS if I want to debug 
> (otherwise it would "steal" the queue files) and usually this is not done 
> within a few seconds, but takes at least five minutes or more, maybe 
> repeatedly. It would be nice if I could specify an alternative queue 
> directory, so I can run a MailScanner instance in parallel to the 
> production daemon and debug files from that directory while the normal 
> sendmail/MS operation isn't affected. I think this would be much more 
> helpful than specifying a certain ID.
You can stop MailScanner completely, then restart the incoming sendmail 
(or whatever MTA you use) so that you are providing email service to 
your users. Then run MailScanner on the particular ID you want to test 
it with. Then when you are happy, resume normal operation.
Stop everything and start incoming MTA:
    service MailScanner stop
    service MailScanner startin
Run it on 1 id:
    MailScanner --debug --id=<message-id>
Start up everything normally
    service MailScanner restart

Should solve the problem for you. Saves me writing more code :-)


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