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Fri Apr 4 19:18:25 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote on Wed, 02 Apr 2008 16:45:54 +0100:

> >>  but perhaps a feature request could be a
> >> CLI switch to specify the message ID so MS only scans the particular
> >> message(s) that you're interested in observing.
> >>   
> > Good idea. I'll take a look. Would a single ID do?
> All done. It will be in the next release.

Ahm, Julian, now that I have used the MS debugging feature a few times I 
think being able to grab a single ID may be nice, but not really helpful 
for a production machine. I have to disable at least MS if I want to debug 
(otherwise it would "steal" the queue files) and usually this is not done 
within a few seconds, but takes at least five minutes or more, maybe 
repeatedly. It would be nice if I could specify an alternative queue 
directory, so I can run a MailScanner instance in parallel to the 
production daemon and debug files from that directory while the normal 
sendmail/MS operation isn't affected. I think this would be much more 
helpful than specifying a certain ID.


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