New MS install is slow to an extreme

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Fri Apr 4 17:08:57 IST 2008

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Martyn Routley wrote:
> DAve wrote:
>> Martyn Routley wrote:
>>> DAve wrote:
>>>> DAve wrote:
>>>> I moved the incoming dir to a tmpfs mount (mdmfs on freebsd) no 
>>>> change in processing time.
>>>> I am getting really stumped now.
>>>> DAve
>>> What is your hardware?
>>> We had random processing times when running 6.2 on one of our 
>>> servers. (Single  P4 dual core)
>>> I upgraded in place to 7.0 (using FreeBsd Update 
>>> ( and now the 
>>> emails don't touch the sides.
>>> Getting Sophos to work was a bind though.
>> Interesting, do you know the upgrade helped? I am always leery of 
>> "upgrade" as a solution unless I know why the upgrade is the solution.
>> Server 1
>> Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.40GHz Quad Core
>> 2GB ram
>> Quatum Atlas SCSI drives, one for the system and one for the spool dir
>> Server 2
>> Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.40GHz Quad Core
>> 2GB ram
>> Maxtor SATA drives, one for the system and one for the spool dir
>> DAve
> Good question.
> All that changed was the os version and the fact that I rebuilt all 
> installed ports.
So, in short, you changed "everything" :-)
> The server went from a 5 minute av of 7+ to 3.5 or less and from 
> having 30 + messages waiting to be processed to having MailScanner 
> waiting for messages most of the time.
> MS config/version didn't change
> I don't discount the possibility that rebuilding all of the installed 
> ports helped.
Sounds like it's sorted out then, and not really MailScanner's fault 
after all :-) :-)


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