Problem with Sendmail smf-sav Milter

Johnny Stork lists at
Thu Apr 3 12:53:13 IST 2008

I recently installed the sendmail  smf-sav mitler to do sender and 
recipient address verification on my MailScanner gateway running the 
latest release on Centos5. However, the recipient checks dont appear to 
be working since I still get all the spam coming in to non-existent 
addresses. I beleive I know where the problem might be. The MailScanner 
gateway accepts mail for the domain, but after processing 
simply forwards to an internal Scalix server through a sendmail 
mailertable entry. For instance, the email address below, or username, 
does not exist on the MailScanner gateway running smf-sav. Nor does that 
email address or account exist on the internal Scalix server, but the 
message passed recpient verification.

recipient check succeeded: <bonny.german at>

Would I need to setup checks through ldap or something to have the 
smf-sav milter. I know I should be checking the smf-sav forums and so 
will also check there.


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