New MS install is slow to an extreme

DAve dave.list at
Wed Apr 2 18:05:18 IST 2008

Not certain what is wrong here. I did a fresh clean install of FreeBSD 
6.2, Julian's MS tarball and Julian's SA and Clam tarball. Everything 
went well, everything runs. But, now I am seeing batches like this.

MailScanner[58796]: New Batch: Found 2907 messages waiting
MailScanner[58796]: New Batch: Scanning 30 messages, 306454 bytes
MailScanner[56909]: Batch completed at 790 bytes per second (398241 / 503)
MailScanner[56909]: Batch (30 messages) processed in 503.55 seconds

Previously we had maybe 4 messages per batch and processed them in 2 to 
6 seconds. The current time to scan is killing me.



SA plugins enabled, all others disabled = AutoLearnThreshold, Check, 
Shortcircuit, Bayes, BodyEval, HTMLEval, HeaderEval, MIMEEval, 
RelayEval, URIEval, WLBLEval, Rule2XSBody, ImageInfo, URIDNSBL.
All SA rules have been compiled.
Bayes is enabled.
I have "skip_rbl_checks 1"
shortcircuit ALL_TRUSTED           on
shortcircuit BAYES_99              spam
shortcircuit BAYES_00              ham

In MS I have the following, I can send a complete conf if needed.
Max Children = 10
Queue Scan Interval = 5
Virus Scanners = clamavmodule
Delivery Method = batch

I don't zip attachments, I don't use MCP, I don't use Watermarks. I 
think I have done everything I can for speed, but I am losing ground.

I am running a local caching name server on each MS server.

Not sure where to go from here.


In 50 years, our descendants will look back on the early years
of the internet, and much like we now look back on men with
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