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Wed Apr 2 15:24:33 IST 2008

What happens if you put one of those Russian spam in your incoming mail 
queue, run MailScanner --debug --debug-sa and watch what happens? The 
--debug-sa now outputs time stamps with every debug line output, so you 
can see exactly how long it is waiting at each stage.

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> I'm getting a certain kind of Russian spam for some weeks now that always 
> gets thru unscanned because SA times out. So, I set the SA timeout from 30 
> to 120 seconds and it still times out. However, timing on the command line 
> shows that SA takes long for this kind of message (and it's a slow system 
> by today's figures, anyway), but not *that* long that it could hit this 
> limit. I takes about 1.4 minutes to process such a message, consistently. 
> That's well below 2 minutes.
> So, why does MailScanner still let it time out?
> MailScanner 4.54.6
> SA 3.2.4
> *no* network tests
> mailscanner log shows only those timeouts, nothing else. I guess I would 
> need to add more verbose logging, but then I would get logging for *all* 
> messages, right?
> Kai


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