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Wed Apr 2 15:23:06 IST 2008

What are your settings in MailScanner.conf for these two?

# If you are using the Bayesian statistics engine on a busy server,
# you may well need to force a Bayesian database rebuild and expiry
# at regular intervals. This is measures in seconds.
# 1 day = 86400 seconds.
# To disable this feature set this to 0.
# Note: If you enable this feature, set "bayes_auto_expire 0" in
#       spam.assasssin.prefs.conf which you will find in the same
#       directory as this file.
Rebuild Bayes Every = 0

# The Bayesian database rebuild and expiry may take a 2 or 3 minutes
# to complete. During this time you can either wait, or simply
# disable SpamAssassin checks until it has completed.
Wait During Bayes Rebuild = no

You may have a cron job that fires off sa-learn every night or something 
like that. Or else you have "bayes_auto_expire 1" in your 
spam.assassin.prefs.conf file or other SpamAssassin configuration file. 
Personally I would have MailScanner do the bayes rebuilds every night 
and wait for them to complete. This depends a bit on how long the 
nightly rebuild takes.

The settings here are very much up to your own preference, but this is 
where to start looking for the solution to your problem.

Hope that helps a bit!

Meurlin Robert wrote:
> Hello,
> gets a number of spam that slipps trough the filter with the score 0.0 
> and if i look in detail it says "rebuilding Spamassassin" . What does 
> that mean? is it becouse it has to mutch work to do that some spam 
> slipps trough?
> Spam Report:    Score         Matching Rule             Description 
>                         rebuilding     SpamAssassin
> Rob.


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