The Good Doctor

Doc Schneider doc at
Wed Apr 2 00:46:43 IST 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 4-1-2008 3:22 PM Doc Schneider spake the following:
>> Steve Freegard wrote:
>>> DAve wrote:
>>>> I liked Kaylee from Firefly, something about a girl half in coveralls
>>>> with a bit of dirt on her face. I can't resist them, I always like the
>>>> tomboys.
>>>> Kaylee would sit down and talk Perl with Julian while she changed out
>>>> a nic card on a running server with nothing but a butter knife.
>>> I think we have a winner!
>> FWIW: The same actress plays the new Doctor on Stargate Atlantis.
> But she isn't half in coveralls anymore!  ;-P

She is still sort of techie.

> You have to admit that Billie Piper had a certain "cuteness" about her
> as Rose Tyler.

Yeppers there is a winner!

> And isn't it amazing how many tech lists can veer off course when Sci-fi
> comes into the discussion. Forget politics and world hunger!

Could that be cause most tech lists members are all living in a new
frontier? Or just cause we're all an odd bunch? I vote the latter.

Lincoln, NE.

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