OT: Sendmail REJECT or DISCARD preference

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Tue Apr 1 13:56:47 IST 2008

Sorry, all of you that have replied, but, as the original poster of this 
thread, I have to admit that I might have not asked the question very 
well, as it looks as if you are all misunderstanding the original 
question. Let me try  to rephrase it, please:

Which is better: sendmail or postfix? :-)

Anyway, I think I get the point by the way this has drifted around. I'll 
put my servers to the test with both REJECT and DISCARD and see which 
does better.

One thing I might add though, is that I can see the benefit of both 
ways, especially in my situation here. I have two servers that are 
primary for two different domains. Each primary is backup for the other 
domain. I do call-ahead using MimeDefang. I think I have all bases 
covered, and even think that using either option would result in pretty 
much the same end result. There are so many different ways an email 
network can be constructed that it appears to be a non-absolute answer.

Thanks so much.


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