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Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Tue Apr 1 06:44:02 IST 2008

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admin at lctn.org wrote:
| I got a call from a school we scan mail for, complaining they are
| getting some inappropriate email, which is sailing through our scanner
| with a very low score.

Think VERY, VERY hard on wether you need yahoo to send email to you. I
have actually blocked it all together. I get shitloads of spam from
their servers and no one I know is using Yahoo. So nothing is lost in
blocking it.

If you still want it then make sure you do not give them any credit by
giving negative spam points for having a valid DKIM header for example.

|     relay-4.lctn.org     (GeoIP Lookup Failed)     [  ]     [
| ]     [  ]     [  ]

This is a config problem on your host. It should not list a loopback
address with your hostname attached to it.


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