Performance on 64 bit Linux vs 32 Bit

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Tue Oct 23 11:22:04 IST 2007

Have you thought of adding greylisting to cut down on the MTA accepted spam further?

sqlgrey intgrates nicely although needs mysql to run, but means that all your servers can share a common greylisting policy.
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On Tue, 2007-10-23 at 10:15 +0100, Randal, Phil wrote:
> We're running it fine here on 64-bit CentOS 5.
> Dell 2950, 4GB RAM, quad-core Xeon, mirrored hard disks.
> Using a 64-bit build of McAfee's uvscan along with ClamAV.
> Cheers,
> Phil

On 32-bit Centos 4.4 ( 4GB Ram , 2 x dual core Xeons )
We get upto 20-35k mails hitting the server per hour

We run caching DNS and rbldns zones for most "rsyncable" DNS lists for
SA ( spamhaus , dsbl , dnswl , sorbs surbl etc )
Most connections , around 85% , get rejected by RBL checks at postfix.

The rest of the mails get scanned with nearly 3-5 minutes delay. Though
sometimes it oddly takes longer

Can this be improved by upgrade to 64-bit. This is what I am looking


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