OT: Load Balancing & redundancy using Multiple A records

Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at utwente.nl
Thu Nov 29 13:35:53 GMT 2007

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shuttlebox wrote on 23-11-2007 20:07:
> On Nov 23, 2007 7:25 PM, Peter Peters <P.G.M.Peters at utwente.nl> wrote:
>> The only differences I see are Exchange (and other windows mailservers).
>> They tend to do one lookup and keep that info until the application on
>> the Windows server is restarted.
> I know Windows used to disregard the TTL but is that still true? At
> one site I have Exchange servers (2003?) on the inside mailing to two
> MX records and it's very even between them. I use 10m as TTL for the
> MX records.

We have some strange Exchange configurations. Smart host is
smtp.utwente.nl but Exchange still tries to send all e-mail out
directly. Only when it can't find the host to deliver to it drops the
mail on smtp.utwente.nl. Except OOO's. They go to mx.utwente.nl being
the system the message that triggered the OOO came in through.

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