Can't block wmv files

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Umm... Is the file being sent by Outlook/exchange? If so then it could be in a winmail.dat attachment rather than as a .wmv file. If so its probably worth using the tnef expander to expand it out although I'm not sure if thats done before or after the filetype checking...


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Hi Julian,

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shuttlebox wrote:
> On Nov 27, 2007 3:08 PM, Michael Mansour wrote:
>> %etc-dir%/
>> and %etc-dir%/
> Those filenames don't match what you have in your rulesets, note the
> missing .conf at the end:
>> FromOrTo: *
>> /etc/MailScanner/
>> FromOrTo: default /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.conf
>> FromOrTo: *
>> /etc/MailScanner/
>> FromOrTo: default /etc/MailScanner/filetype.rules.conf
> Also, you do have tabs as whitespace in both files and no strange
> end-of-lines, common if you edit the files in Windows?
The only places you need tabs instead of spaces are in the and filetype/name.rules.conf files.
You can use any whitespace in *.rules files.
I'm using:


I've spent the last 5 hours trouble-shooting this problem (in addition to the 2 hours I spent last night) and I believe MS is broken with this filename/filetype blocking now.

What I did was globally set the /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.conf and /etc/MailScanner/filetype.conf to deny (I also did deny+delete) all movie files and tested for the swf extension too.

Movie files were still let through even when this was a global setting.

I then tried simply attaching something I knew 100% would fail, a web link (.lnk file), and it passed through fine.

What sort of thing / setting in MS would allow this to happen? ie. allowing anything through?



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