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Michael Mansour micoots at
Wed Nov 28 05:51:04 GMT 2007


Matt Kettler <mkettler at> wrote: donald.dawson at wrote:
> Please let me know you experience with an Exchange email recipient 
> verification tool (e.g. milter to sendmail).
> Below are some versions I know of.  Any success, problems or input 
> regarding this list, or others you might know of?
> We are running four inbound MX servers with sendmail version 8.14.1, MS 
> version 4.62.9 and SA version 3.002002.
> Pay Version:
> _ - $299 enterprise
> Free versions:
> _
> _
> _ - free version of 
> _ - previous experience 
> with milter-null was frustrating since it took so long to update LibSnert.

Note: milter-ahead isn't free, it's one of 4 of the snertsoft milters that costs 
money. a site license is 90 euros:

You might also wish to read this thread about sms-sav vs milter-ahead:
I flicked both of these options and went for scam-back, which has the added features of doing the recipient checks against _any_ remote smtp server (admin definable).

scam-back is also open source and c-coded, so is fast. It works with sendmail as a milter.


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