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Tue Nov 27 22:27:52 GMT 2007

I'm using smf-sav here along with smf-spf.  Works a treat.

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Please let me know you experience with an Exchange email recipient
verification tool (e.g. milter to sendmail). 

Below are some versions I know of.  Any success, problems or input
regarding this list, or others you might know of? 

We are running four inbound MX servers with sendmail version 8.14.1, MS
version 4.62.9 and SA version 3.002002. 

Pay Version: <>  - $299

Free versions:
<>  - free version of
<>  - previous experience
with milter-null was frustrating since it took so long to update


Donald Dawson 
Security Administrator 
Baker Botts L.L.P. 

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