Redundant Mail System Suggestions

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Tue Nov 27 20:10:10 GMT 2007

Unfortunately there is a need for the Outlook connection. I have been 
using/deploying Scalix solutions for a few years and although I am 
pleased with the product, it lacks in extended groupware functionality 
so thats why I am starting to look at alternatives

UxBoD wrote:
> Also, if no requirement for Outlook connector then use the OSS version.
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>> You can use SA with MySQL to hold the Bayes.  Some people are pro and some are anti.  I run the frontend MTAs for the company I am contracted to and use MySQL/Bayes on a central server with no probs.
>> V5 of Zimbra (even though at RC2 at the moment) rocks! Try the hosted demo.  Well worth it.
>> Was Looking at Zimbra too, very nice, but pricey, and just purchased by yahoo, so it's probably not going anywhere in the future (see past yahoo aquisitions).
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