problem upgrading MailScanner / PostFix Dbmail

Fons van der Beek fons.vanderbeek at
Tue Nov 27 17:13:19 GMT 2007

I know Glenn, it's very old, so you can see how long i was (and 
certainly will be)  a happy MailScanner user.

Tnx for pointing me in the right direction...............
It's indeed time for a new fresh installation...............


Glenn Steen schreef:
> On 27/11/2007, Fons van der Beek <fons.vanderbeek at> wrote:
>> I've upgraded Postfix / Mailscanner interfacing to dbmail.
>> The mail gets scanned OK, but after the scanning proces the mail isn't
>> picked up correctly and stayes deferred.
>> When I restart Mailscanner /etc/init.d/MailScanner stop and start
>> The mail is nicely processed and is deliverd, running postfix -c
>> /etc/ check or postfix -c /etc/postfix check
>> Doesnt produce any errors...
>> Can anybody give me a clue what i did wrong?????????????
> (snip)
>> defer_transports = smtp local virtual relay
> (snip)
> Oh. My. God.
> Stop using this old, unsupported, deprecated, unsafe method. Immediately.
> The only really safe method of interfacing postfix and MailScanner is
> described on the official website
> ( and also in the Wiki
> (
> These methods entail using one instance of Postfix and a header_check
> to place incoming messages in the HOLD "queue"...
> Until you switch to this method of doing things, there is nothing we
> can do to help you.
> Cheers

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