Disabling auto sa-update in MailScanner

Randal, Phil prandal at herefordshire.gov.uk
Tue Nov 27 15:54:06 GMT 2007

eh what?

[root at mx0 root]# cd
[root at mx0 updates_spamassassin_org]# ls
10_default_prefs.cf    20_vbounce.cf     30_text_it.cf
20_advance_fee.cf      23_bayes.cf       30_text_nl.cf
20_body_tests.cf       25_accessdb.cf    30_text_pl.cf
20_compensate.cf       25_antivirus.cf   30_text_pt_br.cf
20_dnsbl_tests.cf      25_asn.cf         50_scores.cf
20_drugs.cf            25_dcc.cf         60_awl.cf
20_dynrdns.cf          25_dkim.cf        60_shortcircuit.cf
20_fake_helo_tests.cf  25_domainkeys.cf  60_whitelist.cf
20_head_tests.cf       25_hashcash.cf    60_whitelist_dk.cf
20_html_tests.cf       25_pyzor.cf       60_whitelist_dkim.cf
20_imageinfo.cf        25_razor2.cf      60_whitelist_spf.cf
20_meta_tests.cf       25_replace.cf     60_whitelist_subject.cf
20_net_tests.cf        25_spf.cf         72_active.cf
20_phrases.cf          25_textcat.cf     72_scores.cf
20_porn.cf             25_uribl.cf       80_additional.cf
20_ratware.cf          30_text_de.cf     MIRRORED.BY
20_uri_tests.cf        30_text_fr.cf
[root at mx0 updates_spamassassin_org]# grep -i completewho

[root at mx0 updates_spamassassin_org]# grep -i completewho *.cf
[root at mx0 updates_spamassassin_org]#

I see no COMPLETEWHOIS rules because sa-update took them away.


Phil Randal
Network Engineer
Herefordshire Council
Hereford, UK  

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> Subject: Disabling auto sa-update in MailScanner
> How can I disable sa-update in mailscanner
> Some rules added due to sa-update ( especially the 
> completewhois lookups 
> )  create problems for my server. I cannot disable the rules 
> by scoring 
> them 0 , because the actual rules are sometime removed by 
> sa-update and 
> a score of 0 in local.cf gives lint errors
> I simply want to run sa-update manually and I dont want Mailscanner 
> running it automatically for me
> How do I do this ?
> Thanks
> Ram
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