Set it and forget it?

Steve Campbell campbell at
Mon Nov 26 15:50:44 GMT 2007

I'm curious as to how much time is spent by most of the email admins 
here using MS. I realize that some of my efforts could be streamlined by 
upgrading to the latest release, but the people here seem to think that 
this is a "set it and forget it" type of operation.

There is a real problem here in that people want all the mail they are 
supposed to get, and 100% trashing of the email they shouldn't get. I 
find that I spend a little time daily managing this stuff, but my system 
isn't like anyone else's who's system isn't like the next guy's .....

A specific question I have, though, would be:

I think I was following a thread a while back about an RBL that has some 
specifics for blocking those "Address may be forged" emails (Zen or 
something like that). Can anyone elaborate on that for me and let me 
know how to set it up on my 4.52.2 version until I get it upgraded. I do 
all of my RBL checks in SA.

Thanks for any sympathy anyone may have.


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