Slightly OT: Exim time-outs

Richard Thomas richard.thomas at
Fri Nov 23 15:35:19 GMT 2007

Are you scanning outbound email? If so, you may be being hit by the 
problem I described earlier where mailscanner leaves disarmed messages 
without a trailing CRLF. With Exim, this makes it fail to put the period 
on a line by itself when sending the message.


Colocation Colocation wrote:
> I am getting a huge number of EXIM time outs on outbound mail :
> Now normally I would blame someone else but this time it looks to be 
> my mail server. For one persistent offender I telnet'ed into their 
> SMTP server and sent the mail manually and that went through fine but 
> somehow EXIM is getting hung up when trying to send itself. Any ideas?

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