Whitelist not working?

Edward Dekkers edward at tdcs.com.au
Thu Nov 22 06:38:36 GMT 2007

> > I've added the domain where it's going to the whitelist
> > (/opt/MailSCanner/etc/rules/spam.whitelist.rules)
> >
> > But it still seems to be blocking.
> >
> There can be many many "whitelists". The one I provide for whitelisting
> for spam checks (works on the "Is Definitely Not Spam" conf setting) is
> just a useful example. You can copy the technique to any of the other
> conf settings that say they can take rulesets, which are virtually all
> of them. You want to create a ruleset for "Max Archive Depth", setting
> it to 0 for the sender or domain you are getting this from or to, and
> leave the default setting at something sensible.

That is SO cool. I did not realise this when I started looking for a way to
clean up mail on this server. It all stemmed from one of the bosses getting
too much spam. MailScanner has already fixed that up, and I'm learning more
and more about the potential of it. This is a serious piece of software and
your help (and Hugo's) is invaluable.

Thanks guys. I will play around with this stuff some more.


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