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Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Nov 21 14:53:58 GMT 2007

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Edward Dekkers wrote:
> I'm trying to send an archive RAR file to a friend. It is a 25Mb RAR file
> with nested folders.
> The first dramas I had was getting Postfix to accept the damn thing. (now
> resolved)
> The drama is now that MailScanner blocks it ("MailScanner: Message contained
> archive nested too deeply")
> I've added the domain where it's going to the whitelist
> (/opt/MailSCanner/etc/rules/spam.whitelist.rules)
> But it still seems to be blocking.
There can be many many "whitelists". The one I provide for whitelisting 
for spam checks (works on the "Is Definitely Not Spam" conf setting) is 
just a useful example. You can copy the technique to any of the other 
conf settings that say they can take rulesets, which are virtually all 
of them. You want to create a ruleset for "Max Archive Depth", setting 
it to 0 for the sender or domain you are getting this from or to, and 
leave the default setting at something sensible.

> Is there any way I can get MailScanner to just ignore checking mails to this
> domain and just send the bloody mail through?
> Regards,
> Ed.


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