Bayes not learning? exchange environment

Joey Marino joey.da3rd at
Tue Nov 20 16:30:31 GMT 2007

I recently installed a mailscanner filter in front of my exchange
server. It was working fine for a few weeks then slowly let more and
more spam through. Today it's letting alot of spam through. I am
trying to verify that Bayes is learning, how would I do that? Also how
do I verify that the spam rules are being updated?

I also tried to place spam in a public folder on my exchange server
and update bayes with these emails using this method provided by the
It just stops executing at this line in the python script:
log.write(commands.getoutput("%s --prefs-file=%s --spam %s" %
any ideas? I'm trying to determine what this line is accomplishing.

Joey Marino

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