Way OT: Minimum hardware capacity for 35k e-mail scans/day

Rob Sterenborg R.Sterenborg at netsourcing.nl
Mon Nov 19 13:31:35 GMT 2007

>> You have to know that..
>> - We get educated in English for at least 4 years (in the 70's-80's,
>> may be more now). 
> Quite true. We have at least 7-9 years English education in Sweden
> (most have more)... 

Here most have more too. But if you really didn't want to you could get
away with 3 years.

>> So, we read and hear a lot of English although our pronunciation may
>> be horrible. However, there are a lot of words less commonly used
>> that a lot of people have never heard of and would never use so I
>> think, as a native English speaker, you'd spot the difference.

> If we ever meet in person... Your view of my command of the language
> will degrade pretty fast:-):-). One might know a word intimately, but
> have never ever heard it pronounced... Makes for some quite hilarious
> misconceptions/misunderstandings....:-)

Heheh, you mean something like this? Try it; I think I get most right..

Actually, I think you'd be able to understand me perfectly well, but
hearing all kinds of accents ("real" English, southern American-English,
[add your flavour here]) and not speaking the language natively or often
with others will most probably make ones pronunciation, well, funny, I
think. :-) Oh well, so be it. ;^P


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