Question about blacklists

Ivan Arteaga iarteaga at
Mon Nov 19 01:02:35 GMT 2007

René Berber wrote:
> Ivan Arteaga wrote:
>> I have defined some blacklists in my, I would like to know
>> if its possible to redirect all the mails blocked by these lists to an
>> secific inbox instead of rejecting them? If so, I will appreciate any
>> tip to do it.
> Yes, you can quarantine the messages (not a mailbox but a directory).
> It's described in sendmail's cf/README:
> "dnsbl		Turns on rejection, discarding, or quarantining of hosts
> 		found in a DNS based list.  The first argument is used as
> 		the domain in which blocked hosts are listed.  A second
> 		argument can be used to change the default error message,
> 		or select one of the operations `discard' and `quarantine'." ...
> "		See also enhdnsbl for an enhanced version." ...
> You could look at the quarantined messages using tools like Webmin.  All
> messages are in separate files, they are not in mailbox format, but you
> could then send them somewhere (not sure if Webmin supports something
> different than sending them to the original recipient; from a terminal
> is easy using the file as an attachment) or delete.
Thanks Rene for the info, I will try it and post back any comment.



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