Question about blacklists

René Berber r.berber at
Sun Nov 18 01:01:05 GMT 2007

Ivan Arteaga wrote:

> I have defined some blacklists in my, I would like to know
> if its possible to redirect all the mails blocked by these lists to an
> secific inbox instead of rejecting them? If so, I will appreciate any
> tip to do it.

Yes, you can quarantine the messages (not a mailbox but a directory).

It's described in sendmail's cf/README:

"dnsbl		Turns on rejection, discarding, or quarantining of hosts
		found in a DNS based list.  The first argument is used as
		the domain in which blocked hosts are listed.  A second
		argument can be used to change the default error message,
		or select one of the operations `discard' and `quarantine'." ...
"		See also enhdnsbl for an enhanced version." ...

You could look at the quarantined messages using tools like Webmin.  All
messages are in separate files, they are not in mailbox format, but you
could then send them somewhere (not sure if Webmin supports something
different than sending them to the original recipient; from a terminal
is easy using the file as an attachment) or delete.
René Berber

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