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Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Sun Nov 18 22:59:50 GMT 2007

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Julian Field wrote:
> Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
>> * PGP Signed by an unknown key
>> Glenn Steen wrote:
>>> On 18/11/2007, Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at> wrote:
>>>> On 17/11/2007, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
>>>> (snip)
>>>>> P.S. Spotted the change in my signature? :-)
>>>>> Jules
>>>>> - --
>>>>> Julian Field MEng CITP CEng
>>>> Yes, more letters at the end of that line....:-):-)
>>>> Do we have to genuflect even deeper now? :-D
>>> I of course meant to say "Congratulations on your achievement", of course.
>> Is there a translation for those not following the British educational
>> system
> It's the Chartered Engineer status. You can't even apply for it unless 
> you do the right accredited degree course, followed by a minimum of 10 
> years practical experience in the field.
> And when you do apply, it's a pig of an application form showing you how 
> learned and developed your engineering skills in every job you ever did 
> that was IT-related. And then you get a 1 hour grilling in a formal 
> interview with 3 interviewers from the Engineering Council who ask you 
> to demonstrate how you have applied all your engineering skills in a 
> wide range of projects you have undertaken over the years.

Right. I never mastered the skill of learning to get a piece of paper. I
simply can't be bothered to just for someone elses kicks. I learn
because I want to know and if there happens to be an exam then the exam
just sort of happens but I never learn just to pass that exam.

As such the TLA/FLA thing in signatures also happen to escape my
attention most of the times. In Jules case MailScanner is more of a
credit holder to me.

But that's just me. I just happen to work (or did work) for employers
who think such papers in itself do not tell that much.


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