Minimum hardware capacity for 35k e-mail scans/day

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Sat Nov 17 00:18:19 GMT 2007

On Fri, November 16, 2007 23:51, Scott Silva wrote:
>> Thanks for that... sounds like a tough policy to maintain.
>> G
> It shouldn't be that bad, if done right, as most consumer dsl and cable
> connection shouldn't be directly sending mail anyway. They "should" be using
> the providers smarthosts.

Quite. While I don't block these directly, I am much more aggressive with
checking the sender's details etc. It is also worth noting that the zen.spamhaus
list (From the PBL list) also contains IP ranges of ISP customer's IP addresses
that shouldn't be sending mail directly (As submitted by the ISP's) see here

This makes it rather easier to be more strict with the client connections.


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