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So, you want to charge to me 200 pounds for you to tell me why when things are bypassed it keeps logging that its doing these actions? I thought any programmer worth his grain of salt would not have things log when that section of code is not enabled, it is poor quality control and makes debugging hard.

I also note you NIETHER you or your rude and arrogant hugo long term user commented on the real issue ans to mailscanner not whitelisting when told to given other rules read in at load time.

Don't worry though,  all your users can be led into a false sense of belief when they try debug your software, which wont be our problem as our MTA is now using MIMEDefang,  working as it is documented.

I hope this makes it to Google fast so people researching mailscanner can see what they can expect from you julian.

and yes dont worry after I hit send here the next message is to mailman to remove myself

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eclipsem at wrote:
> Then what is the point of all the starting spam checks and starting virus scanning log
> thats fine here on local messages, but does not answer the main issue we have on our
script generated messages where it does in fact add the headers to the email and clearly
ignores the whitelists
> Are you the programmer of mailscanner? if not how about you leave this for him or her to
Excuse me, but we have rules on manners around here. This guy is trying 
very hard to help you out, and he is very experienced with MailScanner. 
If you don't want his help, then what are you doing here? This list is 
for everyone to help out each other. If you want to only talk to me, 
then that's just fine. I charge £200 per hour for commercial tech 
support. I do accept cheques ("checks" in the USA), or you can pay me 
via credit card into my Paypal account.

If you don't want help from those here who are willing to help you out 
as best as they can, for free, then I suggest you don't ask here.

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