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> I would be very interested if someone can give me a reproducible example
> of when it goes wrong. Before I get that, there's unfortunately very
> little I can do about this problem, sorry.
> Rose, Bobby wrote:
>> I've been using MailScanner for years and I seen this issue a couple 
>> times before but just assumed it was a user mistake.  I've seen 
>> sends back a message with the wrong $filename 
>> string.  What is sends back is a random string of characters.
>> The message says
>> One or more of the attachments (VAmRh3qo9P) are on the list of 
>> unacceptable attachments for this site and will not have been
> delivered.
>> Consider renaming the files to avoid this constraint.
>> The virus detector said this about the message:
>> Report: Report: Attempt to hide real filename extension (VAmRh3qo9P)
>> But in the maillogs, it has the real filename

>> I'm not sure of the conditions that lead to this because it doesn't 
>> always happen and if I test myself, the message
>> is correct.  Anyone else seen this before?
>> -=B
> Jules
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> Julian Field MEng CITP
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It might have something to do with the fact that the file names have 
multiple "." periods within the filename.  MailScanner's test might 
think that they are trying to hide a file behind a second extension.  
Especially bad for those with Windows with the view known extensions 
off.  An old virus trick was to call a file somthing like " 
mycutethingclickme.doc.exe" And the poor user would only see the 
"mycutethingclickme.doc".  I think Jule's test might be warning of 
that.  Check and see if all the files that are getting held back are 
multi-dotted. The two you reported certianly are.

Greg. Borders
Sysadmin "at large"


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