No Logging to Syslog: MailScanner 4.65.3-1 on Solaris 9

Mr jeremy pennington jeremypennington at
Mon Nov 12 02:09:32 GMT 2007

I upgraded to MailScanner 4.65.3-1 last night and since then MailScanner has not logged any messages to syslog. MailWatch shows messages are being processed as normal and I have verified they are.  So I tried copying from the prior version installed (which was 4.54.6) to the new version and restarting MailScanner. This time the standard start up messages were recorded to syslog, but no messages were logged about mail being processed, in fact this disabled mail from being processed (it just stayed in the queue). So I reverted back and everything seems to be working again, except no logs from MailScanner are appearing in syslog. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help!

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