OT: Best virtual machine server?

R Wahyudi rwahyudi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 00:16:02 GMT 2007

> Never used it, have been reading the RedHat docs on it, looks like it 
> needs a lot of text editing, but there also appears to be "virt-manager" 
> that does a lot of the hard work for you. I want a system that is easy 
> to get up and running, and easy to do everything with the host and the 
> guests without physical access to the host hardware, once the host is setup.
> One question: what is the difference between domain0 and the host 
> physical system?
domain0 = host physical system.
We use Xen for all virtualized environment  to consolidate old hardware 
.. so not in a big way ..
I find it quite easy to manage, especially if you run same OS on the 
host and guest.
Once guest host is setup,  user on the guest machine can do whatever 
they like in the guest host without affecting domain0.
Xen support full virtualization but you need to have CPU that support it 
( Intell VT-x / Vanderpool or AMD-V)

If you want easy to use GUI, try http://www.enomalism.com.
I never use it but their doco stated that they have interface to 
transform VMWare image to xen image.

Rianto Wahyudi

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