OT: Best virtual machine server?

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Sun Nov 11 23:02:51 GMT 2007

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Julian Field wrote:
> I've been badly bitten by VMWare, so that's out. No discussion there. It
> can't even keep its clock running to time :-(

This may depend on the exact config. I use it rather extensively because
I have VmWare servers at home and at the hosting center that run on
Linux and with my employer where they run on windows. (On account of one
or two OS xenofobics the majority is punished in using their least
favorite OS.) And I have no issues with the clock. I tend to throw
virtual machines around a lot so VmWare is the easiest way to do this
for me.

> Xen?
> Never used it, have been reading the RedHat docs on it, looks like it
> needs a lot of text editing, but there also appears to be "virt-manager"
> that does a lot of the hard work for you. I want a system that is easy
> to get up and running, and easy to do everything with the host and the
> guests without physical access to the host hardware, once the host is setup.
> One question: what is the difference between domain0 and the host
> physical system?

If you need performance then Xen wins hands down. Never done the setup
myself (yet). But I have some customers who found it the best bang for
the buck and they all tried the various solutions.


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