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Fri Nov 9 19:22:08 GMT 2007

I havent seen a real virus for about a week on my setup. I am running clamav
and bitdefender and all the viruses listed in my logwatch report are the
sanesecurity spam signatures for clamav.

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> Hello Everybody,
> I just started running mailscanner-mrtg and have two questions on the
> reports that I'm seeing.  My setup is the current version of Mailscanner
> running on Redhat and scanning with Sophos.  I currently don't run
> Spamassassin.  This then passes mail to our Exchange server which runs
> Microsoft's content filter.  We have SBC DSL for our Internet
> connection.
> My first question is about Mail Relayed.  We are seeing about 8000
> messages a day in and 7000 messages out.  Where is the other 1000 going?
> Without Spamassassin I'm currently blocking about 40 messages with
> Mailscanner.  I know 90%+ is spam, but why isn't it relayed to Exchange?
> My second question is about viruses blocked.  In the last day I have
> blocked only one virus and that was because it was an encrypted
> spreadsheet.  Where are all the other viruses?  We used to get a ton.
> Is SBC filtering them for us?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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