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        My experience with mailscanner-mrtg was it was highly inaccurate, until I modified the script a bit. The numbers seemed all over the place. I messed with it a bit, and was finally able to get some realistic looking numbers out of it. The software is pretty old as far as I can recall. Hope that helps.

David Gottschalk
UTS Infrastructure Technology Services

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Hello Everybody,

I just started running mailscanner-mrtg and have two questions on the
reports that I'm seeing.  My setup is the current version of Mailscanner
running on Redhat and scanning with Sophos.  I currently don't run
Spamassassin.  This then passes mail to our Exchange server which runs
Microsoft's content filter.  We have SBC DSL for our Internet

My first question is about Mail Relayed.  We are seeing about 8000
messages a day in and 7000 messages out.  Where is the other 1000 going?
Without Spamassassin I'm currently blocking about 40 messages with
Mailscanner.  I know 90%+ is spam, but why isn't it relayed to Exchange?

My second question is about viruses blocked.  In the last day I have
blocked only one virus and that was because it was an encrypted
spreadsheet.  Where are all the other viruses?  We used to get a ton.
Is SBC filtering them for us?

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