Your recommendation please: big volume mail solution

Ken A ka at
Wed Nov 7 17:36:16 GMT 2007

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 11/6/2007 4:55 PM Steve Swaney spake the following:
>> I happen to agree with you and we do provide services to legit mailers 
>> - once we make sure they are legit :)
>> Steve
> <rant>
> Being on the receiving end, I believe the only legit mailers are opt-in 
> lists.
> And my blacklist is growing full with opt-out mailers. ;-)
> </rant>
> ....... Trips and falls from soapbox....

I agree completely, but he did say it was legal in Israel to use opt-out 
mail lists, didn't he, or did I hear that wrong? I suppose the whole 
country has opted in if that's true. :-(


Ken Anderson

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