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So you're basically wanting another MTA supported?
This is quite a bit of work.
If it uses one file per message, base it on the and
If it uses two files per message, base it on the Postfix or Exim
support equivalents.

I didn't write the Exim support, but I did write the Postfix support
based on the Exim support, so you can do the same. The ZMailer support
was written by someone else too, based on my Sendmail support.

So other people have been down this road, you basically just need to
implement the same API.

Hope that helps get you started,

Lance Haig wrote:
> Hi Julian,
> I am part of the team working on the Bongo Project Mail system
> I suggested to the developers that we try to create an agent in our
>  system that integrates MailScanner into our SMTP agent. The guy
> who wrote the SMTP agent seemed keen to do this and I was wondering
> if you had any documentation for developers that I could pass on?
> I know that MS uses a queue based system and said so to the guy.
> We currently have a antispam agent that uses spamassasin as the
> engine so I don't think it would be very difficult to change that
> to accommodate MS.
> Any guidance that you  have for me to pass on to the developers
> would be great.
> Regards
> Lance


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