Your recommendation please: big volume mail solution

Arthur Sherman arturs at
Wed Nov 7 01:07:04 GMT 2007

> I'm sorry, but even though I believe in Opt-in mailing, I do 
> not believe in Opt-out mailings, no matter how "legitimate" 
> someone thinks it might be.
> Opt-in means I asked you to send me something. Opt-out means 
> you sent something I did not ask for, and even if you have a 
> working unsubscribe, I still didn't ask for it. If I moved 
> into your house without your permission, but offered to leave 
> if you asked me to, would you be alright with it?
> If it is from a purchased list, it will be an unsolicited message.
> 1 million a day will be bulk e-mail.
> So unsolicited + bulk e-mail = UCE = spam !
> You can't argue with the math.

Sounds confident, no words.


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