Your recommendation please: big volume mail solution

Arthur Sherman arturs at
Tue Nov 6 23:42:17 GMT 2007

I posted this question in several lists and, amazingly, I got badly flamed.
Many demanded the IP or domain to block, even threatened me to block my own
mail servers, which never sent a spam.
Not all though, actually some of gurus were quite understanding...

Let me clear some points here:

The services my company provides are legit spam-proof etc hosting services.
The client turned to us for because of quality he believes we have in
building mailers, i.e. technical expertise netto.
Legally, he has the right to do such mailing in Israel.
His mailing will be in Israel only, and has working Unsubscribe option - we
are scrupulous about this part.
His DB was legally bought from legit provider, not us also. I checked the DB
is legit here.
His servers will be neither in our data center, nor in our IP range, as he
builds his own data center, which will host his servers.

Discussing this in open forum was made in effort to openly discuss the
business need, and find a solution to make him as least spammer as possible,
while still allowing him the functonality he seeks.
Don't you deny the business need for big email volumes?
He will become a legit "marketing"-mailing service provider in Israel.
We better start thinking in this direction also, the sooner the better - the
market demands...

Thank you

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